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Fashion Jewelry Treat

Jewelry designer Robert Lee Morris has been in the business for about 40 years. He’s worked with Donna Karan during the launch of her namesake line, and on her fall 2009 collection.  Rollcall selected Donna Karan’s fall 2009 collection as one of the best during fashion week partly for the fantastic accessories.  Mr. Morris has also worked with Calvin Klein during the eighties, and today he works closely with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on their jewelry line.  He gets much of his inspiration from his older works, and the fashion editorial community still looks to him for his unique pieces.  If you are an accessories fan, you will be glad you viewed these pieces.  Enjoy the feast, minus the calories.

Designer on the Move

Photo: Courtesy of Tadashi Shoji

Photo: Courtesy of Tadashi Shoji

Tadashi Shoji already has a loyal celebrity following, and he’s added Beyonce to his list.  Beyonce wore this dress on her Today Show appearance last week from his fall 2009 collection. Check out the entire fall 2009 collection by clicking the link.  It is an exciting time to be a new designer; you never know when the First Lady may call.

Christian Lacroix Partnership?

The house of Christian Lacroix is experiencing the effects of the economic downturn. Luxury department stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks have either dropped or reduced their orders.  Now the French haute-couture house is seeking financial backing in the form of a partnership.  There is no denying that Lacroix is talented, there is simply a limited market for $8,000 gowns right now.  Christian Lacroix delivered creatively during the fall 2009 ready-to-wear shows in Paris.  Let’s look at his brilliance in this video. [Business of Fashion via The Wall Street Journal]

Eco-Friendly Stella McCartney

We highlight Stella McCartney for her efforts to make the world a better place.  Her sense of responsibility to the environment extends to her fashion line. 

When you look at her fall 2009 collection you marvel at the thought that such beauty can come from being so environmentally aware.  Stella McCartney uses no fur or leather in her collection. Take a look at her fall 2009 collection from  

Her efforts to protect the environment is being recognized, she is due to receive an environmental award in New York this week.  Suzy Menkes conducted an interview with Stella McCartney on her ecological stance.  [International Herald Tribune]

Carine Roitfeld: French Vogue Style

Carine Roitfeld spoke with CNN for a documentary about her rise to Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris.  In Part I of the documentary from CNN Revealed we are made privy to information on her life as a stylist prior to French Vogue.  Most of her styling work was done with fashion photographer Mario Testino.  

Roitfeld speaks of the love she has for her work, and it shines through the pages of French Vogue.  She has been with Vogue Paris for the last seven years, and there is no sign of slowing down. 

Several of her influential friends were on hand for this documentary.  They not only spoke glowingly about her, but they appear to respect her as a person as well as a professional within the business. 

She credits Tom Ford for making her and Testino into international figures.  We got a glimpse of the role she played for Tom Ford at Gucci.  Ford made her his muse, the most sincere compliment. 

The documentary shows a side of Carine Roitfeld that we do not often see.  It presented a softer and more affable Carine Roitfeld.  We know that one of the premier editors-in-chief of fashion would be passionate about her work, yet there is something refreshing about her level of involvement. 

The Business of Fashion has a piece on the Carine Roitfeld documentary.  It also alluded to an upcoming documentary on Anna Wintour.

The Walk-Off

Models were featured on the Rollcall list yesterday.   Three were selected for their influence and extensive presence on the runways of the major fashion capitals.  They are:

Chanel Iman glided down the runway with legs that appeared endless.  Lily Donaldson bewitched and hypnotized with those piercing blue eyes.  Raquel Zimmermann brought electricity to the catwalk that is visible even in photographs. 

The Showdown contenders are Lily Donaldson and Raquel Zimmermann.   They owned the runways of New York, Milan and Paris this season.  We will be watching to see if they continue their rule.

Our winner is Lily Donaldson; she dominated the runways this season.  Lily Donaldson walked in all the shows that won the Showdown of their respective Fashion Week, Donna Karan, Versace and Christian Dior.  Her look and intensity is a lethal combination.

Model ‘It’ Girls

Today’s Rollcall will feature the models who worked tirelessly during Fashion Week for fall 2009. They traveled from city to city and show to show to strut the catwalk.  Their major objective, bringing to life the garments we so desire.  Without them fashion week would not be possible.

The selected models walked in numerous shows, all three walked for Michael Kors, Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga.  They hail from America, Brazil and London.

Each model was in high demand in every city.  They rocked the runways of New York, Milan and Paris in platforms and with the model attitude.

The selected models were seemingly everywhere.  Rollcall took notice and named them the ‘It’ Girls for fall 2009:

Classic Black and White

Isabella Oliver 365 

Black and white turns everything into an instant classic, from movies to photographs.  The same holds true for fashion.  There is something pristine and nostalgic about this color combination.

The pair was in full force on the Paris runways for fall 2009.  The lady in black and white personifies grace and elegance.  It is the epitome of style, and a timeless combination for the effortlessly chic. 

Isabella Oliver 365 delivers a striking updated black and white look for spring.   The high-waist pencil skirt with the kimono-sleeved shirt creates a flattering silhouette.  It’s strong and sexy; it represents the powerful executive.

Trends For Fall 2009

The fashion community was treated to several weeks of the most innovative designers in the world.  New York, London, Milan and Paris showcased collections that rivaled their own prior success.  Each city gave us magnificent trends to follow for fall 2009.

In New York, our Showdown winner Donna Karan brought us a wealth of accessories.  She reminded us of the importance of the belt in updating and pulling a look together.  Donna Karan also previewed the role of the bold necklace on the runway for fall.

Milan’s Showdown winner was Gucci.  Gucci dazzled us with the glitz and glamour of its dresses. Milan sparkled, and the rest of the world smiled.  The festive mood in Milan is mercifully contagious.

Christian Dior was the Showdown winner in Paris.  Dior wowed us with a collection of beautiful coats and suits; all in rich luxurious fabrics and textures.  The dresses were made of the sheerest fabrics; fabrics that were as bright and colorful as a bag full of jelly beans, and possibly just as delicious.

So ladies, your fall 2009 wardrobe will consist of:

  • A. Fabulous accessories, textured belts and bold necklaces;
  • B. Sequin party dresses and tops; and
  • C. Stunning coats and suits in fantastic prints and textures.

It is always lovely in the fall, and these collections will make it just a little lovelier.  All of the listed collections may be viewed at New York Magazine.

Showdown: Paris

Rollcall selected the best of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2009 on Thursday.  The collections may be viewed at New York Magazine.  The selected fashion houses are:

  • A. Christian Dior
  • B. Christian Lacroix
  • C. Lanvin

Christian Dior presented a dazzling collection; it had all the splendor of the roaring twenties. The twenties-inspired show was a movie siren’s dream come to life.  Dior’s  gowns were light and heavenly; John Galliano superbly captured all the glamour of old Hollywood. 

It had everything, from an array of colors well representing the rainbow, to paisley prints in the sheerest of fabrics.  Then you had the shoes, the shoes needed a show of their own.  They caused one to do a double and triple take. 

Christian Lacroix started with beautifully made coats accompanied by lovely accessories.  The skill of this artisan is evident in each piece, and nowhere is it more evident than in a printed brocade coat with pouffy upper sleeves, fitted waist and A-line skirt. 

His looks were perfectly tailored, soft and feminine.  Lace permeated the collection. The jersey dresses were draped so expertly that they appeared deceptively simple.  Lacroix’ prints were cheerful and bright, just what is needed for fall 2009. 

The Lanvin show was divine.  Alber Elbaz has earned the right to be called the master of draping and origami. 

The first look drew you in, and you were enraptured.  His technique leaves you speechless.   Elbaz manipulates fabric with the utmost skill.  The industrial runway site only highlighted his exquisite collection.

Christian Dior and Lanvin made it to the Showdown.  They were the shining stars of Paris Fashion Week 2009.

The winner is Christian Dior.  John Galliano continues to take Christian Dior to greater heights.

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