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Nicole Richie’s Maternity Line

Nicole Richie has collaborated with A Pea in the Pod to design a new maternity fashion line.  She is the mother of 19 month old Harlow and has her second child on the way, and this gives her insight into what expectant mothers want to wear.   Nicole has managed to make motherhood appear chic, glamorous and effortless, and that is some feat.  It isn’t easy to balance a career and motherhood, but from all outward appearances, Ms. Richie has found her stride.  Click here for a preview of her collection; it will be in stores on Friday.  We have selected her maternity line, and the woman/entrepreneur herself for our Rollcall list this week.  Ms. Richie may have made an even bigger accomplishment, she’s lulled many of us into thinking we can have it all.  The only question now, is when? 

EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Nicole Richie’s Maternity Line for A Pea in the Pod [StyleWatch/People]

Liz Lange Maternity Wear

Is it just me, or is there an increase in the number of babies, baby carriages and pregnant women out there.  I took notice this past 4th of July weekend.  Practically everywhere I went I came into contact a baby, baby carriage or expectant mother.  All of this spells good news for maternity wear designer Liz Lange. She recently re-launched her high-end line at after selling her business for $50 million.  Who knew there was so much money in maternity wear?  Though she may have sold her majority stake, she is still creative director and the face of Liz Lange Maternity.  Ms. Lange started the company on her own, borrowing $50,000 from friends and family.  She started out as an upscale maternity line, and reached out to celebrities.  Cindy Crawford was the first to wear her line.  A licensing deal with Nike soon followed for athletic maternity wear, but Target was the big get, a less expensive version of the upscale maternity.  That move turned Liz Lange into an household name.  Take a look at the video for more.


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