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The Olsens Are Having It Made: Yes, Their Shades

the-row-sun-glasses2_previewOkay, I’m extremely partial to these sunglasses from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s collaboration with Linda Farrow.  It is part of the dynamic duo’s successful clothing line, The Row.  They’re apparently branching off into accessories (other than their jewelry line), and have opted to start with eyewear.  Before you start rejoicing, these shades will set you back between $325 – $390.  The one question I have is, how well will these pricey sunglasses fair in this economy when the consumer’s discretionery spending is down?  Both the Olsens and Linda Farrow are betting that their targeted demographic will not tighten their purse strings.  We”ll see.  I guess the follow-up question would be, are bags and shoes far behind for The Row?

 The Olsens Enter the Eyewear Game [WWD]

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